Messages from CUUP Models

Messages from CUUP Models

A few months back, we did our very first CUUP photo shoot. While photo shoots are often exciting and fun, this one felt particularly special due to the number of women who were a part of it. Being photographed in your underwear is far from the easiest modeling gig, even if you’re a professional - and many of our models were not. While we are incredibly proud of the beautiful photos we captured at the shoot, we also loved the conversations that came out of it. We learned that every single woman we photographed had her own personal journey with her boobs, and these are some thoughts that our models were willing to share with all of you.

Caroline Guzmán

I believe when a woman finds confidence in her innate uniqueness her eyes are widened to the value of her spirit over that of her appearance. That, to me, is blissful freedom from the shackling beauty standards of our time. I remind myself that how I look and move through life will not always be liked, understood, or celebrated; and still I am 100% worthy to be seen, take up space, speak my mind, and live my absolute truth without apology.

Abigail Edwards

“I have big boobs and there’s not much I can do about it” is a line I’ve had to give too many times to count. I love them as much as I hate them. Sometimes they make me feel beautiful but they equally make me feel ugly. I’ve been made to feel like my body is wrong by bra companies, clothing ads, in school and at work. I’ve been told my boobs are inappropriate and I should be using my body in a more respectful way. That I shouldn’t look sexual or seductive all the time because of my body shape. I’m very small around my waist but have large boobs which makes it’s basically impossible to find a bra that fits right let alone a bra that isn’t hideous. But I’ve learned to tune all of those voices out and be proud of my body! I thought I was a 38 DDD (after being wrongly sized by companies that don’t cater to all sizes) but I AM A 36 F and I am PROUD!

I love my boobs as much as I hate them. I find a lot of my identity in my boobs. They can help me feel beautiful and sexy. But unfortunately a lot of the time I only feel that way when the world around me finds them beautiful and sexy. That includes bras. I have such a small waist but such a large cup that it's almost impossible to find a bra that fits me. For normal bra companies my waist is too small but the cup is too big that I am considered plus size and they have very few if any bras in my size. So I have to settle for a size that's too small and my boobs are spilling over, the back is riding up, the wires in the sides are stabbing me. Its miserable. At plus size stores they don't carry my size because I’m considered to be too small around my waist to be plus size. If I do find a bra it's hideous. It has nothing on it that makes the other bras pretty or sexy. Most of the time I feel like I’m wearing two trash bags on my boobs. It feels like I’m being told my body is wrong. I’ve had jobs where I’m told I look inappropriate and I shouldn't look sexual or seductive because of my boobs, but my coworker who has a small bust and is not plus size has on the same shirt is not reprimanded. Girls who have smaller chest's are then made to feel their boobs are too small, I really wonder what the world’s definition of a perfect bra size is because in the real world, it feels like no one can ever win. We’re constantly being told our bodies or too big or too small, we're never good enough. It's physically and emotionally exhausting.


My relationship with my boobs has been quite the love-hate type. My cha-chas have been on the bigger side most of my life, I never really noticed until high school though. I was an avid t-shirt wearer and I would always sleep in my bras so maybe my boobs wouldn’t sag or something (Only to find out a few years later I can’t control gravity). Over the years and many trips to bra fittings and a hundred bra types, it is safe to say I have found my way along this boob road. I think it is so important to grow into loving yourself and for me accepting the fact that I have big boobs and that’s part of who I am. Literally. Thanks CUUP for helping me along the way in my boob journey.

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