Small Business Saturday: The Women We Support

Small Business Saturday: The Women We Support

The official CUUP gift guide to Small Business Saturday:

1. Halcyon Hotel by Kamryn Potter

Halcyon Hotel is a fragrance line of candles and perfume oils. The concept is based on intangible memories.  Halcyon uses nostalgic storytelling, soundtracks, and short visual vignettes for each scent to evoke a full, unique sensory experience.

2. Lorenza Wine by Michele Ouellet

Lorenza Rosé is a small, family owned, mother-daughter wine company in their 11th year of production! As a Rosé only brand, Lorenza is one of the most highly respected producers in the country. Enjoyed everywhere from The French Laundry to the American Airlines Flagship Lounge, their commitment to making high quality wine over fast tracked growth always shines through. 

3. Daily Harvest by Rachel Drori

Daily Harvest is for when you want to eat healthy, but have no time to make it happen. They deliver real, unprocessed, unrefined foods in the most convenient format possible: frozen. If you find yourself compromising on your diet day after day, try them out! They're delicious and convenient. 

4. Ricari Studios by Anna Zahn

Ricari is an LA based lymphatic detox and interstitial stimulation. They provide carefully chosen treatments, products and education to revive skin and inner radiance. If you're ever in LA we highly recommend you try a treatment!

5. Neakita Tea by Hannah Mills

Neakita is a complete sensorial experience. Hannah's goal is to enchant both the mind and body. The tea smells and tastes incredible, and feels euphoric. It's like a mini-getaway in each cup.

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