Strength in Numbers: CUUP Community Shoot

We photographed forty five women from the CUUP community, styling our core silhouettes on a range of real bodies. This is how fit should always feel. Thanks for being part of the new narrative.
Strength in Numbers: CUUP Community Shoot

On Saturday, February 1st, we photographed 45 women from the CUUP community, styling our core silhouettes on a range of real bodies (in really great vintage from The Break in Williamsburg, Brooklyn). 

For years, our many female forms have been squeezed into a few standard sizes. When our differences haven’t fit, we’ve been asked to compromise – our comfort, our sensuality, our sense of belonging. We created CUUP to change that. To celebrate, not solve, women’s complexities.

So, we threw out a century-old sizing scale and made our measurements on real female bodies. Today, we proudly offer 39 sizes, A to H, of bras designed to fit different.

Meet the women who joined us. The strength and softness they exude exemplifies how fit should always feel.

 Ana wears 36H, Carolyne wears 34C, and Emilee wears 34D in the Balc.

Lindsey wears 32G, Mary Beth wears 30C, and Veronica wears 36A in the Balc.

Gabriella wears 30A, Paisley wears 38F, and Shawna wears 34D in the Balc.

Tania wears 36G, Sarah wears 32C, and Marshalin wears 30D in the Balc.

Jina wears 32H, Jersey wears 36D, and Rebecca wears 36B in the Balc.

Sophie wears 30E, Jessica wears 36F, and Gracie wears 36C in the Balc.

Abigail wears 38G, Bonnie wears 32C, and Lahaina wears 36E in the Demi.

Stevi wears 30H, Nora wears 32F, and Grace wears 32A in the Plunge.

Hoku wears 32F, Camille wears 34F, and Kerry wears 32A in the Plunge. 

Nakia wears 36H in the TriangleSydney wears 32G, and Yomayra wears 32E in the Plunge.

Dana wears 34G, Carla wears 30B, and Anabella wears 32E in the Scoop.

Diarrha wears 32D, Anshuma wears 34F, and Tanisha wears 36G in the Scoop.

Simone wears 34G, Naimah wears 32E, and Sara Mae wears 30G in the Scoop.

Erikka wears 32C, Mae wears 34F, and Alisha wears 30E in the Balc.

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