StylingSeries: Micaela Erlanger

Micaela Erlanger –  celebrity & bridal stylist – discusses the confidence that comes from your first layer & the two different ways she styles her CUUP: to be seen and to disappear.
StylingSeries: Micaela Erlanger

How does sensuality & confidence influence your styling? 

Your foundational pieces set the tone. You want to feel really great about what you’re in – whether that’s a more casual look or a party dress – and that confidence starts from the first layer you put on in the morning. The first layer counts. 

What are your tips for styling undergarments? 

You can take two very different approaches to styling undergarments, depending on your intention for getting dressed. Where are you going? What are you doing? What is the message you want to send? If I’m styling a client for a press day or more professional setting, I look for pieces that are discreet and disappear under your clothing. 

But the minute you asked me to turn it up and turn on the fashion, underwear can become an accessory. I believe you can have as much fun with your underwear as you can with your outerwear. 


How did you style look #1? 

For the first look, I paired this beautiful black silk wrapped blazer with a wide legged trouser. An elevated, glamorous look. I actually wanted my bra to be peeking out; to be seen. One: for coverage and in case there was a slip, and two: because it really compliments the look. The bra gives a boudoir feeling, while blending into the simple black palette. It's foolproof and effortless, but so elevated. 


How did you style look #2? 

The second look is me at home; my everyday day style. I'm a jeans and a button down, or jeans and a blazer, kind of girl. For the everyday, I want my underwear to go unnoticed. I look for pieces that are undetectable, that blend with my skin tone, or that won’t read under a blouse. CUUP’s Clay bra is a favorite for that. It’s a surprising, great neutral. It’s beautiful when it peeks out, but it disappears when you need it to. 


How do you think 2020 will shape the future of fashion? 

I think there will be a new level of consciousness and awareness that comes out of this time. I hope to see people be more considerate and intentional about their fashion choices and what they choose to buy. 


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