A body of women in support of a woman's body.

Issue No. 60

Tahirah Hairston

Tahirah Hairston – fashion & beauty features director – chose ‘audacity’ as her word for 2020. She reflects on her year of prioritizing intention over outcome and the role of risk-taking in reshaping our world.

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Issue No. 59

Bee Shapiro

Bee Shapiro – NYT beauty columnist & founder of Ellis Brooklyn – discusses the rich science behind our sense of smell & the ways she is reclaiming the scent of sensuality from decades of male noses.

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Issue No. 58

Rebecca Batterman

If Rebecca Battmerman could travel back in time, her past self would never believe what the next twelve months held. Rebecca reflects on her health journey, quarantine, law school & the lifelong act of healing.

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Issue No. 57

Jess Hannah

Jess Hannah Révész – fine jewelry designer & founder of J. Hannah – looks back on a year of self-growth, surprising joys & invaluable strengths gained while moving through a broken engagement.

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Issue No. 56

Griffin Wynne

Griffin Wynne (they/them) – a non-binary artist & writer – reflects on the power of the queer glow-up, the importance of using titles as tools, and the way that honoring your body honors all people.

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Issue No. 55

Michelle Tomaszewski

Wardrobe stylist Michelle Tomaszewski is in her ‘50s – and is just getting started. She discusses styling, reinvention, and the way she never grows old: by never tiring of growing.

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BodyTalk Voices: We Support BLM

Black Lives Matter

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