A body of women in support of a woman's body.

Issue No. 45

Zosia Mamet

Actress Zosia Mamet reflects on the power of entertainment to make us feel connected, the trouble with Hollywood’s definition of ‘sexy,’ and the ways we can all host more honest conversations about body image & the female experience. 

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Issue No. 44

Matisse Andrews

Matisse Andrews, curve model & makeup artist, gets honest about mental health, generational trauma, self-judgement, and our generation’s responsibility to keep talking about all of these things. 

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Issue No. 43

Danielle Prescod

Danielle Prescod discusses hustle culture, millennial burnout, the unexpected effects of IVF treatment and the way she has breathed her way through all of the above.

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Issue No. 42

Meghan Folsom

Meghan Folsom, co-founder of Mega Mega Projects & new mother, navigates the uncharted waters of maternity leave when you’re the boss – and finds strength in the permission to slow down. 

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Issue No. 41

Remy Kassimir

Comedian and How Cum podcast host Remy Kassimir shares the lessons she’s learned about female orgasms, stimulation (both creative & sexual) and the importance of romancing yourself first. 

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Issue No. 40

Marjon Carlos

Marjon Carlos, freelance journalist & former Vogue editor, unpacks anxieties around writing, small boobs, and becoming obsolete – and how slowing down has helped her flip the narrative of never being enough.

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Issue No. 39

Sinikiwe Dhliwayo

Sinikiwe Dhliwayo, creative producer and founder of Naaya, explores the privilege of manifestation, gaps of access in the wellness industry, and the need to redefine ‘well-being’ as our collective responsibility.

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