A body of women in support of a woman's body.

Issue No. 32

Marika Frumes

Marika Frumes, co-founder and CEO of HER USA, is on a mission to help women (and men!) ask for what they need, get vulnerable about real topics, and bring their true selves to the table. 

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Issue No. 31

Lolita Cros

Lolita Cros – independent curator & art consultant – reflects on loving the process, crushing on clients, and navigating an unpaved path towards her passion.

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We hosted an intimate afternoon of self-care & awareness in support of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation – and are sharing what we learned about preventative care & lifestyle choices with you.

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Issue No. 27

Melissa Telzer

A two-time cancer survivor, Melissa Telzer knows that you can look back, but you must always move forward. She created InKind Space, a digital resource for life during and post-treatment, so others can move forward, too. 

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Issue No. 26

Lauren Bille

Lauren Bille, co-founder of AllBodies, explores how a passion for movement building (and a lack of technical sex expertise) helped her build an unprecedented platform for reproductive & sexual health.

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Issue No. 25

Sonal Kaur

Sonal Kaur, political tech strategist & recent mother, shares the personal decisions & political reflections that have shaped her pregnancy.

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Issue No. 24

Bryony Cole

Bryony Cole, host of sextech podcast The Future of Sex, tells the story of a misunderstood industry that is shifting towards transformational, female-led innovation. 

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