A body of women in support of a woman's body.

Issue No. 51

Beatrice Valenzuela

Beatrice Valenzuela, fashion designer and mother of two, reflects on the balancing act of motherhood, the inspiration she draws from her children, and the boundaries she keeps around independence & sensuality.

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Issue No. 50

Rebecca Russell

Rebecca Russell, former fashion editor & stylist, reflects on her unexpected cancer journey at 31, the strength she has found on the other side, and the ways that fashion, beauty and creativity have pulled her through. 

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Issue No. 49

Zariya Allen

Zariya Allen, 21 year-old poet and artist, discusses creativity in quarantine, the duty of artists during this uncertain time, and her hope in a rising femine energy that is asking us all to heal by listening.

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Issue No. 48

Neada Deters

CUUP interviewed Neada Deters, founder of LESSE, in January 2020, before the words ‘ritual’ and ‘self-care’ had become intertwined with ‘social-distancing.’ Two months later, Neada’s gentle advice for creating ritual is more relevant than ever. Less really is more.

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Issue No. 47

Julia Reiss

Julia Reiss, writer & humorist living in Paris, is done suffering when it comes to nutrition and beauty. Drawing upon a European sensibility, she encourages us all to get rid of the guilt and make self-care sacred. 

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Issue No. 46

Penda N'diaye

Penda N’diaye, founder of ProHoe, is answering life with an ‘Orgasmic Yes.’ She discusses the politics of feeling good & the ways women, particularly women of color, can use sex & taboo as postive forces for social equity.

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Issue No. 45

Zosia Mamet

Actress Zosia Mamet reflects on the power of entertainment to make us feel connected, the trouble with Hollywood’s definition of ‘sexy,’ and the ways we can all host more honest conversations about body image & the female experience. 

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