A body of women in support of a woman's body.

Issue No. 32

Marika Frumes

Marika Frumes, co-founder and CEO of HER USA, is on a mission to help women (and men!) ask for what they need, get vulnerable about real topics, and bring their true selves to the table. 

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Issue No. 31

Lolita Cros

Lolita Cros – independent curator & art consultant – reflects on loving the process, crushing on clients, and navigating an unpaved path towards her passion.

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Issue No. 30

Rita Murjani

Rita Murjani – a former investment banker turned yoga and meditation teacher – reflects on the pragmatic nature of yoga, her thoughtful transition from finance to wellness, and her teaching experience as an Indian American.

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We hosted an intimate afternoon of self-care & awareness in support of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation – and are sharing what we learned about preventative care & lifestyle choices with you.

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Issue No. 22

Molly Young

The New York Times contributor and crossword-puzzle writer shares her thoughts on body image, deciphering human behavior and taking chances in her career.

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Issue No. 21

Kathy Atkinson

A longtime celebrity agent, Kathy shares stories from her experiences living and working on both coasts. She talks holding yourself accountable and why kindness matters so much

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Issue No. 10

Eva Alt

"It’s hard [not to worry about what other people think]. Saying you don’t care what other people think is unrealistic. Of course I care what other people think. I have a job, I have people who count on me. You just have to control how far it goes."

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