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Sustaining Joy in Anti-Racism Work

EbonyJanice Moore & Thea Monyee – of the Free Joy Experience – discuss the importance of joy in sustaining anti-racism work & transforming urgent white allyship to real, generational change. 

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The Art of Holding Space: Q&A With Ana Hito

We asked food editor & dinner host Ana Hito about the art of holding space, the sensuality of cooking & the way that everything in life is a season – including the pause that this year has brought to plans.

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From Crisis To Renaissance: Q&A With Art Curator Lolita Cros

First came the plague. Then came the renaissance. Art curator & dealer Lolita Cros discusses the historical connection between crisis and epiphany, the way artists respond to upheaval, and the vital role that art will play in our post-quarantine world.

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Aarica Nichole

Aarica Nichole, founder of Aarica Nichole Vintage, discusses how she started her online vintage store, the joy of setting an example for other Black female entrepreneurs, and the ways we can all reshape the industry by supporting Black-owned business & sustainable fashion.

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Q&A with Nutrition Coach Paola Atlason

Paola Atlason, certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, answers all our questions about cravings during quarantine, anchoring wellness routines in isolation, and deciphering the signals our bodies are sending.

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Body Image in Isolation

Julia Reiss – writer, humorist, and CUUP’s lifeline to a Parisian way of life – takes an honest look at eating disorders in isolation, sharing her tips for battling old habits and finding loving resilience. 

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Q&A with Midwife Hayley Oakes

Hayley Oakes, LM CPM – a midwife and a new mother –  answers all of our big questions around the realities, anxieties and empowered silver-linings of pregnancy and birthing during a pandemic. 

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