CUUP BodyTalk

A body of women in support of a woman's body.

Issue No. 60

Tahirah Hairston

Tahirah Hairston – fashion & beauty features director – chose ‘audacity’ as her word for 2020. She reflects on her year of prioritizing intention over outcome and the role of risk-taking in reshaping our world.

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Issue No. 49

Zariya Allen

Zariya Allen, 21 year-old poet and artist, discusses creativity in quarantine, the duty of artists during this uncertain time, and her hope in a rising femine energy that is asking us all to heal by listening.

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Issue No. 36

Debra Cartwright

Brooklyn-based artist Debra Cartwright explores the vital importance of listening, the gynecological history of America, and her emerging body of work on black maternal health, inspired by her mother. 

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Issue No. 35

Lauren Chan

Former Glamour editor & founder of Henning, Lauren Chan has turned a career advocating for size inclusivity into a new womenswear brand making the luxury fashion that plus-size women deserve.

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Issue No. 32

Marika Frumes

Marika Frumes, co-founder and CEO of HER USA, is on a mission to help women (and men!) ask for what they need, get vulnerable about real topics, and bring their true selves to the table. 

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Issue No. 22

Molly Young

The New York Times contributor and crossword-puzzle writer shares her thoughts on body image, deciphering human behavior and taking chances in her career.

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Issue No. 21

Kathy Atkinson

A longtime celebrity agent, Kathy shares stories from her experiences living and working on both coasts. She talks holding yourself accountable and why kindness matters so much

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