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We Support Healthcare Heros

In May, we asked healthcare workers from the CUUP community to share their stories from the medical frontlines. This week, we’re celebrating their continued commitment. Join us by reading their inspiring, humbling stories – and thanking the frontline workers in your community.

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Revising the Story of Reproductive Health

We asked Attia Taylor – founder and EIC of Womanly Magazine – about reclaiming sexual education, the healing power of personal stories & the need for healthcare that fits everyone.

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We Support The Pink Agenda

Lucretia Gilbert  – Executive Director of The Pink Agenda and Chief Philanthropy Officer of BCRF – joins CUUP founder Abby Morgan to discuss the ways that nonprofits & brands can work together to make real progress in breast cancer research.

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Boobs Deserve Better Health: Q&A With Dr. Elizabeth Poynor

We asked Dr. Elizabeth Poynor – gynecologic oncologist, advanced pelvic surgeon & our go-to expert on women’s health – about better breast health practices, how fear gets in the way of prevention, and the role sensuality plays in taking care of our bodies.

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Alva Claire

Alva Claire – London-born, Brooklyn-based model – flips through the pages of fashion’s past while cleaning out her childhood room, reflecting on how far we’ve come & the road to change ahead.

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Breaking Past Fashion Week: Q&A With Hannah Richtman

We asked Hannah Richtman – founder of The Break – about shifting NYFW plans, the ways fashion is breaking, and the opportunities she sees to rebuild a better, kinder, and more inclusive industry.

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Double Scoop of Sensuality: Q&A With Jeni Britton Bauer

We asked Jeni Britton Bauer – ice cream maker & founder of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams – about whole-body thinking, her creative process, and the ways ice cream uniquely engages all of our senses.

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