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Q&A with Nutrition Coach Paola Atlason

Paola Atlason, certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, answers all our questions about cravings during quarantine, anchoring wellness routines in isolation, and deciphering the signals our bodies are sending.

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Body Image in Isolation

Julia Reiss – writer, humorist, and CUUP’s lifeline to a Parisian way of life – takes an honest look at eating disorders in isolation, sharing her tips for battling old habits and finding loving resilience. 

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Q&A with Midwife Hayley Oakes

Hayley Oakes, LM CPM – a midwife and a new mother –  answers all of our big questions around the realities, anxieties and empowered silver-linings of pregnancy and birthing during a pandemic. 

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How To Make Social-Distancing More Sustainable

Lauren Singer, CEO of Package Free Shop and a leader in zero waste living, shares simple ways to make our new social distancing routines (WFH to self-care to more time in the kitchen) a bit more sustainable.  

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Wash Your Hands – Then Hand-Wash Your Bras

Hand-washing is of the utmost importance these days. While you’re dutifully scrubbing (keep up the good work!), we’ve got some quick tips for washing your bras and keeping your foundational layer as fresh and clean as can be.

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At-Home Advice From The BodyTalk Community

We rounded up the best tips for reading, breathing, and cooking with joy, during the most uncertain of times. Expert at-home advice for staying healthy & busy – delivered directly from your BodyTalk™ community.

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How To Support Your Community During Crisis & Uncertainty

When we say ‘We Support You,’ we mean it. Right now, that promise is more critical than ever.

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