CUUP BodyTalk

A body of women in support of a woman's body.

Issue No. 57

Jess Hannah

Jess Hannah Révész – fine jewelry designer & founder of J. Hannah – looks back on a year of self-growth, surprising joys & invaluable strengths gained while moving through a broken engagement.

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Issue No. 55

Michelle Tomaszewski

Wardrobe stylist Michelle Tomaszewski is in her ‘50s – and is just getting started. She discusses styling, reinvention, and the way she never grows old: by never tiring of growing.

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Issue No. 53

Francesca Garigue

Francesca Garigue reflects on the stories we were told as little girls, the way revisions can feel so rebellious, and how she’s using this pause to tune into that voice that so many women ignore their whole lives.

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Issue No. 52

Jina Kim

Jina Kim, CEO of Circumference skincare, discusses the balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship, the importance of boundaries, and the sanity she’s finding in blurring the line.

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Issue No. 51

Beatrice Valenzuela

Beatrice Valenzuela, fashion designer and mother of two, reflects on the balancing act of motherhood, the inspiration she draws from her children, and the boundaries she keeps around independence & sensuality.

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Issue No. 25

Sonal Kaur

Sonal Kaur, political tech strategist & recent mother, shares the personal decisions & political reflections that have shaped her pregnancy.

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Issue No. 11

Djuna Bel

On loving her body while pregnant, surrounding herself with strong women and what she'd like to teach her son about body image

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