Wash Your Hands – Then Hand-Wash Your Bras

Hand-washing is of the utmost importance these days. While you’re dutifully scrubbing (keep up the good work!), we’ve got some quick tips for washing your bras and keeping your foundational layer as fresh and clean as can be.
Wash Your Hands – Then Hand-Wash Your Bras

Hygiene and health is on everyone’s mind right now, and we hope that hand-washing is keeping the germs off everyone’s hands. While you are dutifully scrubbing, we’ve got some quick tips for washing your bras and keeping your foundational layer as fresh and clean as can be. 

You Should Be Washing Your Bras More Often Than You Think.

We love that you wear your CUUP from work to weekend, but unlike sports bras where you break a sweat during a single wear, we’re going to guess that it’s been awhile since you washed your go-to bras. 

Medical experts recommend washing your intimates after 2-3 wears. One ‘wear’ is defined as a few hours of support, but if you do break a sweat or keep it on for an extended period, we recommend washing more frequently. 

We’ve got lots to say about the long-term lifespan of bras (most women keep them for 2-3 years when you should be refreshing them every 6-9 months!), but before you get around to refreshing your entire drawer, the least you can do is freshen it up. 

But Getting Your Bras Clean Is Quick And Easy.

Don’t worry, washing your bras more often won’t strain your to-do list as much as you think. 

Your CUUP bras are minimal and lightweight, and should be treated with extra love and care. Here are some helpful tips to make it easy: 

    CUUP stylist Emily shares an insider tip: “I make hand-washing my bras part of my shower routine. I fill the sink with water and a touch of laundry detergent, let the bras soak while I shower, and when I get out I hang the bras over my shower rail and they're dry and clean for the next day!” 

    We’re Always Foam-Free: We Support You & Your Health. 

    We take your health seriously, knowing that you trust us with the layer closest to your skin. 

    While many of our competitors use memory foam and traditional foam padding, we skipped foam in all our designs. This padding (the same stuff in the matresses you are increasingly swapping for organic) contains harmful, carcinogenic chemicals. 

    All CUUP bras are non-toxic, using high-quality fabrics and innovative construction techniques to provide natural, breathable solutions for the support and structure your boobs need.

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    Thank you!!! Very refreshing to hear from a company that is thanking their patrons with thoughtful advice without bombarding the hard sell…. makes me want to buy some new bras!!

    Carolina Palermo Schulze

    Mar 2020

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