We Support Healthcare Heros

In May, we asked healthcare workers from the CUUP community to share their stories from the medical frontlines. This week, we’re celebrating their continued commitment. Join us by reading their inspiring, humbling stories – and thanking the frontline workers in your community.
We Support Healthcare Heros

In May, we asked healthcare workers from the CUUP community to share their stories of working on the medical frontlines during these unprecedented times. Their personal stories of selfless service and the value of connection during chaos continue to inspire and humble the CUUP team. 

This week, we are giving thanks for our healthcare heroes’ continued commitment to our communities. Join us by reading their stories, reflecting on the impact of this year, and thanking the people in your community who have shown up in brave, heart-led ways. These people are the ultimate support system. Thank you all. 

“In my 47-year nursing career, I have never seen anything like this pandemic and the intense anxiety it has brought to the nursing staff. As the Professional Development Specialist, I am considered the conduit of excellent clinical nursing practice. As the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken most of the nursing staff, they have come to me for answers.”

“I have remained calm and stoic, not wanting to expose my anxiety [or] provoke panic. The nurses have bonded together beyond belief, [coming together as a] strong team, ready to face the uncertainty of this deadly virus. I am very proud of my staff and their commitment to their profession.”  

“I am a nurse practitioner in Durham, North Carolina . I primarily care for underserved, elderly, and homebound patients. During the pandemic, I’ve been collaborating with different community agencies to ensure that homeless individuals, temporarily rehoused so they can practice social distancing, have the medical care and support they need during this uncertain time.”  

“It has been an honor and privilege to work with this population and the organizations that serve them. I hope that once we are through the coronavirus woods, we can all continue to come together for our most vulnerable community members. Whether it’s isolated seniors or people experiencing unstable housing, we must continue to truly see them, hear them, and advocate for them. They are our neighbors and part of the fabric that makes our community vibrant, beautiful, and strong.” 

“I have been working at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for over 27 years and I love coming to work – to see a child smile or just to be there for their families. [They are] so appreciative of you, no matter what job title you have because we are all in this together, [all of us who are] coming to work during this pandemic.” 

“I work with the developmentally disabled population who require 24/7 care – forty-four of them. With no family to reach out to them, [it is up to] us to provide care for our guys – leaving our own families for up to twenty-four hours.”  

“People do not remember this population, who depend on essential workers to make sure they are cared for physically, medically, and mentally. We have had to make our own masks and find creative ways to do this work safely. We are selflessly making sure our individuals are safe while providing them comfort [within] their new norm.” 

“I took a job with a company called Curative where I am managing the supply chain for COVID-19 testing. Currently, we are one of the companies working with the federal government to deliver COVID-19 testing to the public. We primarily sell to the city, county, and state governments. We are providing virtually all of the tests to Los Angeles city and county and have partnered with the US Air Force to deliver testing to the troops.” 

“In a very short time, I am so inspired and proud of the work my team has done. We are scaling up to millions of tests and our primary goal is to provide testing to the American public. It has been an absolutely wild ride, and I could not be more excited to be a part of this team delivering such a profound impact.” 

“As a nurse, I get to see into the lives of others: their fears and struggles. Every day I'm given the opportunity to listen, care for, and connect with other people. They are usually struggling. Everyone wants safety, security, and reassurance. I can give them that with my words, my experience, and time. Even when it's bad news, you can be present with another human – even in silence.” 

“During this pandemic, I have learned I need to take better care of myself, so I can better serve others. I am so tired and so worn out. The stress of this virus is palpable – in the stores, walking down the street, at the dog park. We see each other as a biological threat now. I try to take the time to thank the security guard or the janitor. To ask the cashier how their day is going. We need to treat each other as people right now, with even more TLC.” 

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