A body of women in support of a woman's body.

The Art of Holding Space: Q&A With Ana Hito

We asked food editor & dinner host Ana Hito about the art of holding space, the sensuality of cooking & the way that everything in life is a season – including the pause that this year has brought to plans.

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CUUPCreates: Chloe Horseman

CUUPCreates is a community project reclaiming sensuality & creative power – by handing it back to the women it belongs to. 

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Issue No. 57

Jess Hannah

Jess Hannah Révész – fine jewelry designer & founder of J. Hannah – looks back on a year of self-growth, surprising joys & invaluable strengths gained while moving through a broken engagement.

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StylingSeries: Juliana Salazar

Juliana Salazar – art director, creative strategist, stylist – discusses the dualities of her personal style and the way 2020 helped her settle into the creative chaos of a multi-hyphenate career.

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Issue No. 56

Griffin Wynne

Griffin Wynne (they/them) – a non-binary artist & writer – reflects on the power of the queer glow-up, the importance of using titles as tools, and the way that honoring your body honors all people.

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Issue No. 55

Michelle Tomaszewski

Wardrobe stylist Michelle Tomaszewski is in her ‘50s – and is just getting started. She discusses styling, reinvention, and the way she never grows old: by never tiring of growing.

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From Crisis To Renaissance: Q&A With Art Curator Lolita Cros

First came the plague. Then came the renaissance. Art curator & dealer Lolita Cros discusses the historical connection between crisis and epiphany, the way artists respond to upheaval, and the vital role that art will play in our post-quarantine world.

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