A body of women in support of a woman's body.

Issue No. 35

Lauren Chan

Former Glamour editor & founder of Henning, Lauren Chan has turned a career advocating for size inclusivity into a new womenswear brand making the luxury fashion that plus-size women deserve.

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Issue No. 34

Julia Jansch

Independent filmmaker & director Julia Jansch explores the misconception about our shadow sides, the trouble with the male gaze, and the shifting cultural tide towards women who are authentic & free. 

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Issue No. 33

Lauren Gerrie

Lauren Gerrie – private chef and former professional dancer – reflects on the power of kindness, the sweetness of embracing your sensuality, and the thrills & challenges of working with a best friend.

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Issue No. 32

Marika Frumes

Marika Frumes, co-founder and CEO of HER USA, is on a mission to help women (and men!) ask for what they need, get vulnerable about real topics, and bring their true selves to the table. 

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Issue No. 31

Lolita Cros

Lolita Cros – independent curator & art consultant – reflects on loving the process, crushing on clients, and navigating an unpaved path towards her passion.

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Issue No. 30

Rita Murjani

Rita Murjani – a former investment banker turned yoga and meditation teacher – reflects on the pragmatic nature of yoga, her thoughtful transition from finance to wellness, and her teaching experience as an Indian American.

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Issue No. 29

Rebecca Batterman

Diagnosed with breast cancer at 34 years old, Rebecca Batterman is facing her first weeks of treatment with bravery, knowledge, and inspiring curiosity about who you become past the unknown.

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