A body of women in support of a woman's body.

A Brief History of Renegade Women

In honor of Women’s History Month, get to know four renegade female artists worth remembering – both for what they accomplished and for what they refused. If BodyTalk had been around a century ago, these women would have had our full attention. 

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How To Actually Be An Intersectional Feminist

Pass the microphone. EbonyJanice Moore, Womanist scholar and founder of Black Girl Mixtape, shares a straightforward introduction to intersectional feminism. 

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Issue No. 46

Penda N'diaye

Penda N’diaye, founder of ProHoe, is answering life with an ‘Orgasmic Yes.’ She discusses the politics of feeling good & the ways women, particularly women of color, can use sex & taboo as postive forces for social equity.

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Strength in Numbers

We photographed forty five women from the CUUP community, styling our core silhouettes on a range of real bodies. This is how fit should always feel. Thanks for being part of the new narrative.

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Issue No. 45

Zosia Mamet

Actress Zosia Mamet reflects on the power of entertainment to make us feel connected, the trouble with Hollywood’s definition of ‘sexy,’ and the ways we can all host more honest conversations about body image & the female experience. 

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Issue No. 44

Matisse Andrews

Matisse Andrews, curve model & makeup artist, gets honest about mental health, generational trauma, self-judgement, and our generation’s responsibility to keep talking about all of these things. 

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Issue No. 43

Danielle Prescod

Danielle Prescod discusses hustle culture, millennial burnout, the unexpected effects of IVF treatment and the way she has breathed her way through all of the above.

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