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Q&A with Midwife Hayley Oakes

Hayley Oakes, LM CPM – a midwife and a new mother –  answers all of our big questions around the realities, anxieties and empowered silver-linings of pregnancy and birthing during a pandemic. 

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Issue No. 52

Jina Kim

Jina Kim, CEO of Circumference skincare, discusses the balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship, the importance of boundaries, and the sanity she’s finding in blurring the line.

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Tools For Self-Love In Isolation

Jackie Cantwell has played sound bowls & led breath-work for some of the largest meditations in the world. She shares how we all can use sound, breath, & meditation as tools for self-love during isolation.

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Issue No. 51

Beatrice Valenzuela

Beatrice Valenzuela, fashion designer and mother of two, reflects on the balancing act of motherhood, the inspiration she draws from her children, and the boundaries she keeps around independence & sensuality.

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Issue No. 50

Rebecca Russell

Rebecca Russell, former fashion editor & stylist, reflects on her unexpected cancer journey at 31, the strength she has found on the other side, and the ways that fashion, beauty and creativity have pulled her through. 

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How To Make Social-Distancing More Sustainable

Lauren Singer, CEO of Package Free Shop and a leader in zero waste living, shares simple ways to make our new social distancing routines (WFH to self-care to more time in the kitchen) a bit more sustainable.  

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Issue No. 49

Zariya Allen

Zariya Allen, 21 year-old poet and artist, discusses creativity in quarantine, the duty of artists during this uncertain time, and her hope in a rising femine energy that is asking us all to heal by listening.

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