A body of women in support of a woman's body.

StylingSeries: Micaela Erlanger

Micaela Erlanger –  celebrity & bridal stylist – discusses the confidence that comes from your first layer & the two different ways she styles her CUUP: to be seen and to disappear.

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Issue No. 58

Rebecca Batterman

If Rebecca Battmerman could travel back in time, her past self would never believe what the next twelve months held. Rebecca reflects on her health journey, quarantine, law school & the lifelong act of healing.

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Boobs Deserve Better Health: Q&A With Dr. Elizabeth Poynor

We asked Dr. Elizabeth Poynor – gynecologic oncologist, advanced pelvic surgeon & our go-to expert on women’s health – about better breast health practices, how fear gets in the way of prevention, and the role sensuality plays in taking care of our bodies.

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StylingSeries: Kai Avent-deLeon

Kai Avent-deLeon – owner & creative director of Sincerely Tommy – discusses her love for the color yellow, the importance of community, and the ways she is walking to her own expressive beat.

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Alva Claire

Alva Claire – London-born, Brooklyn-based model – flips through the pages of fashion’s past while cleaning out her childhood room, reflecting on how far we’ve come & the road to change ahead.

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CUUPCreates: Olga & Bobby

CUUPCreates is a community project reclaiming sensuality & creative power – by handing it back to the women it belongs to.

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Breaking Past Fashion Week: Q&A With Hannah Richtman

We asked Hannah Richtman – founder of The Break – about shifting NYFW plans, the ways fashion is breaking, and the opportunities she sees to rebuild a better, kinder, and more inclusive industry.

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