CUUP BodyTalk™

A body of women in support of a woman's body.

Issue No. 61

Zuri Marley

Zuri Marley wants everyone to be open to change and nuance, so she’s starting in her own life. The actress & DJ reflects on her changing body, the power of dance, and the importance of taking your time.

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Issue No. 60

Tahirah Hairston

Tahirah Hairston – fashion & beauty features director – chose ‘audacity’ as her word for 2020. She reflects on her year of prioritizing intention over outcome and the role of risk-taking in reshaping our world.

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Unwrapped: The Big Reveal

This holiday is no doubt free of the frills and distractions of seasons past, but that doesn’t make it any less impactful. With our UNWRAPPED holiday series, we explore the revealing, life-long lessons five inspiring creative duos have uncovered over this year in isolation and solitude.

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StylingSeries: Anna Gray

Anna Gray – founder of resale marketplace Object Limited – discusses sustainable fashion, the joy of leaving nothing behind, and her favorite pastime of finding ‘new’ trends in past pieces.

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We Support Healthcare Heros

In May, we asked healthcare workers from the CUUP community to share their stories from the medical frontlines. This week, we’re celebrating their continued commitment. Join us by reading their inspiring, humbling stories – and thanking the frontline workers in your community.

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Revising the Story of Reproductive Health

We asked Attia Taylor – founder and EIC of Womanly Magazine – about reclaiming sexual education, the healing power of personal stories & the need for healthcare that fits everyone.

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StylingSeries: Sade Mims

Sade Mims – designer & founder of accessories brand Edas– discusses her nostalgic & eclectic style, her entrepreneurship journey & the ways she looks backwards to make things for now.

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