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Sustainable Brands

In honor of Earth Day, we're featuring the brands we love who make sustainability a priority. Enter the sweepstakes to win a CUUP bra.

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Issue No. 8

Alisha Bansal

On why she thinks wearing clothes is a good idea

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Issue No. 7

Chloe Kernaghan

"No one has to be better than anyone else. My style of yoga isn’t your style of yoga, you know? My style of dance isn’t better than your style of dance—it doesn’t have to be better. It doesn’t have to be ranked."

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Issue No. 6

Tchesmeni Leonard

The Girl Scout Troop Leader and stylist shares thoughts on how social media affects relationships and what she deems beautiful as she approaches her thirties

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Issue No. 5

Emily Cain

"I think somebody who is comfortable in their own skin comes across as very sexy... And I think sexy is great. But it’s more about how you feel when you’re sexy — not how you might feel when someone else thinks you are. And that’s where we get it backwards."

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Issue No. 4

Heartleigh Little

"I lost my virginity when I was eighteen, right before...

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Issue No. 3

Stephanie Mark

"I’ll tell you what I think is mental: I think it’s mental when you can see men’s nipples and not women’s nipples. To me, that is the biggest mind boggler of all time. It’s the same thing. If you could see someone’s fingers you could see someone else’s fingers...a nipple is a nipple."

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