Featuring Alexis Badiyi

Just as she applies to her work on-set as a stylist, Alexis Badiyi is all about weaving a narrative in her way of personal dress. Drawing upon her the rich sartorial influence of her family, culture, and Los Angeles roots, there is a sense of story, character, and historical reference in her vintage-inspired wardrobe. In the final feature of our latest Styling Series installment, Alexis reveals what she keeps in mind when getting dressed and how she learned to finally “wear her boobs.”

What is one element of your personal style that is too resilient for quarantine to subdue?

One element of my personal style that is too resilient for quarantine to subdue would be my homewear. I love my matching silk sets, robes, and menswear pajamas. They make me feel adorned and put together on days when I’m working from home.

What rules for styling that you apply for work do you apply in your own closet?

A few things: Develop a color story and stick to it. Once an outfit has its theme, you can play with different pieces. Put fit first: The fit of an outfit must work. Otherwise, you lose the feeling and energy of the look. Check-in with the talent (or myself) if we aren't coming alive in the look, and then switch it up.

How did you style your first look?

This is one of my favorite suits, found thrifting on a job I styled with one of my favorite crews through the South. When wearing suits, this one in particular, it feels as though I am in a comfortable sweatsuit, when in reality it is a chic tailored suit. It’s effortless and never fails to bring me some extra confidence & endurance on a big day. For today it felt like a great choice to be worn over one of my favorite CUUP bras, topped off with a black leather heel.
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You celebrate your familial roots so often in your dress. How has your culture and personal identity informed your sense of style?

So much of my style inspiration comes from my family. They are the most tasteful people I have ever known. Everything they do from their work, to how they set a table, to how they garden is done with such beauty and grace. Their personal style is something I often go back to. I love looking at pictures of them in Paris, Iran, Los Angeles, and New York from the ‘50s through the ‘90s. I feel so lucky to come from my culture and my family who has passed down priceless style, traditions, and artistry.

There is a strong connection in your wardrobe to menswear. How do you play with gender and sensuality in your look?

I would say my day-to-day look is menswear-inspired: Suits, button-downs, trousers, trench coats, loafers. I love the way my father and grandfather would dress for business but also their relaxed weekend attire. There is something that feels so strong and put together when I wear these pieces, especially on sets or days that I am very busy. No matter how wild the day gets, I can always softly clip my hair back, adjust my lapel, and feel collected.

How did you style your second look?

This piece is very special to me. It is one of my grandfather's Lanvin silk robes. This robe is heavy and cold to the touch with its weighted printed silk. Once it's on you can't help but start swaying around and dancing, like I hope he once did in this piece.
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How do you *style*/*wear* your boobs?

I've been through eras of how I wear them. There were times when they were focal pieces, there were times where they were hidden and minimized. As a woman who developed early, it has been a journey. Currently, in my thirties, I am in a place where they are fully embraced. Open necklines, supportive yet sexy bras that can catch a glimpse through button-up left intentionally low, sheer tops, tight tops, loose tops. There are no rules anymore for how I wear them, just that they feel adored.

How has more time at home this year reinforced your love for fashion, styling, and self-expression?

Time spent alone with myself--getting in touch with my anxiety, sadness, happiness, creativity has been a gift. This time has definitely reinforced my taste and self-expression. I've found so much joy in bringing beauty and intention to what I have been doing this past year.

How did you style your third look?

This look started with a skirt. I miss playing tennis and will be starting again now that spring has arrived. I wanted to find ways to bring this piece into my day-to-day. I layered it with a vintage crisp white button-up, a vintage nude sweater vest, and topped off with my favorite vintage trench I thrifted on a sourcing trip with my best friends. I paired the look with my Labucq Kitty Loafers. These are not only beautiful but also comfortable.

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