Design Philosophy

You’re probably wearing the wrong size...we were.

During CUUP's fit process two of our founders discovered that they’d been wearing the wrong size for their entire lives. They went from incorrectly wearing a 34C to a proper 30E. Neither of them knew that a 30E was a size offered! After a moment of shock, and a little bit of denial... a revelation: their boobs looked amazing!

Most women suffer from being sister-sized into the limited sizes offered in today's marketplace. That means, they typically put you in a larger band, smaller cup combination because those sizes are much easier to produce. The problem arises when brands aren't able to produce the breadth of sizes women need to offer a correct, tailored fit. Our mission is to get every woman in correctly fitted, comfortable bras they'll never have to compromise on again. 

The Fit

If you have ever worn a bra that is too loose, too tight, or squeezes in all the wrong places, then you’re just like us. We've been forced to fit into a broken system. Bras should be made to fit you…not the other way around. 

Bras are difficult to make. The typical approach is to take a pre-existing frame, copy the measurements, and tweak the design. Historically, manufacturers start with a 34B and fill in the other sizes through mathematical equations. One bra requires thirty different machines, various materials, and rounds of fittings to make the most technically difficult garment in the industry. Here is the problem: 2/3rds of the population is a D-cup or larger…and our bodies are not a math equation.

Our Philosophy

We realized we needed to start over. Start from scratch, burn the whole thing down, redefine the rules. Create a collection of bras that focus on support and comfort, then make them look and feel great on the body. So we challenged the industry standards: instead of using machine algorithms to determine our sizing scale—we used real women.

Introducing CUUP. Our bras shape and compliment the body without hiding it under pads, slings, or bows. Flattering lines, ultralight performance mesh and microfiber look and feel weightless against the skin for everyday comfort. We took painstaking measures to make sure that our bras looked great in every size: A-H. Then we photographed the entire collection on a range of body types— so that you can see what it might actually look like on you. Support, style, and comfort. A to H.

We fit every size on a real body to make sure that every woman would have the same experience in a CUUP bra. 80+ fittings (10x the average our competitors do) and hundreds of samples later... 

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