Introducing: BodyTalk

Introducing: BodyTalk

We’re excited to introduce BodyTalk, a body of women in support of a woman’s body.

For a long time, women’s voices were rarely heard in the places where it mattered. When we founded CUUP, that was one of the things we were looking to change. We wanted to give women the chance to talk about their bodies; for themselves and for other women. 

At CUUP we talk a lot about our personal relationships to our bodies. We’ve shared our experiences with each other and with our friends. And friends have shared their stories with us, too. Amid the greater noise and change, when we thought about what makes these kinds of conversations meaningful it came down to two things: vulnerability and depth. By creating a space for that, we hope to de-stigmatize intimate, personal topics and bring them out into the open.

That’s BodyTalk. We’ll be meeting weekly with our (ever-expanding) community of women working toward change — to hear their stories, get advice, and talk about the future. The voices of those women will be shared here.

With BodyTalk, we’re building a female-led empathy machine where the voices of women can finally, and honestly, be heard.

Stayed tuned and join the conversation. BodyTalk begins tomorrow.


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