CUUP BodyTalk

A body of women in support of a woman's body.

Issue No. 33

Lauren Gerrie

Lauren Gerrie – private chef and former professional dancer – reflects on the power of kindness, the sweetness of embracing your sensuality, and the thrills & challenges of working with a best friend.

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Issue No. 30

Rita Murjani

Rita Murjani – a former investment banker turned yoga and meditation teacher – reflects on the pragmatic nature of yoga, her thoughtful transition from finance to wellness, and her teaching experience as an Indian American.

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Issue No. 26

Lauren Bille

Lauren Bille, co-founder of AllBodies, explores how a passion for movement building (and a lack of technical sex expertise) helped her build an unprecedented platform for reproductive & sexual health.

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Issue No. 20

Grace Dougherty

The New York City based actress shares her experiences with an eating disorder, sexual assault, and trauma… and overcoming all of it

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Issue No. 16

Maya Stepper

Maya Stepper on becoming a model as an adult, how social media has had a positive influence in her life, and why she wants to continue modeling for as long as she can.

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Issue No. 15

Mélodie Monrose

Model Melodie Monrose on racism in the fashion industry, supporting other women of color, and the Caribbean non-profit she loves working with

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Issue No. 14

Deniz Alaca

Photographer Deniz Alaca talks growing up between cultures, capturing real beauty, and how she grew to be comfortable in her body.

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