A body of women in support of a woman's body.

Issue No. 56

Griffin Wynne

Griffin Wynne (they/them) – a non-binary artist & writer – reflects on the power of the queer glow-up, the importance of using titles as tools, and the way that honoring your body honors all people.

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Issue No. 54

Jessie Jobst

Jessie Jobst set out to ride her motorcycle around the world – before having to pause her journey in order to safely quarantine. Here, she shares lessons from the road – on energies & consciousness, gender roles, fear & intuition.

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Issue No. 46

Penda N'diaye

Penda N’diaye, founder of ProHoe, is answering life with an ‘Orgasmic Yes.’ She discusses the politics of feeling good & the ways women, particularly women of color, can use sex & taboo as postive forces for social equity.

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Issue No. 41

Remy Kassimir

Comedian and How Cum podcast host Remy Kassimir shares the lessons she’s learned about female orgasms, stimulation (both creative & sexual) and the importance of romancing yourself first. 

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Issue No. 34

Julia Jansch

Independent filmmaker & director Julia Jansch explores the misconception about our shadow sides, the trouble with the male gaze, and the shifting cultural tide towards women who are authentic & free. 

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Issue No. 24

Bryony Cole

Bryony Cole, host of sextech podcast The Future of Sex, tells the story of a misunderstood industry that is shifting towards transformational, female-led innovation. 

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Issue No. 23

Alexandra Fine

Alexandra Fine, co-founder and CEO of Dame Products, reflects on the conversations that shaped a career championing passion – and the work that still needs to be done.

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