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CUUP is on a mission to redefine the way women look and feel in their underwear. 

For years, our many female forms have been squeezed into a few standard sizes. When we don’t fit the standard, we’ve been asked to compromise: our confidence, our sensuality, our sense of belonging. 

We created CUUP to challenge these standards with elegantly engineered solutions. We threw out a century-old sizing system and made our measurements on real bodies. We swapped frills and excess for clean silhouettes. We sourced fabrics with luxury feel and performance strength. We challenged the notion that sensuality is anything other than a self-defined state of being. 

We spent two years making foundational revisions to a woman’s intimate expectations. The result is a collection of iconically unlined bras designed to accentuate, not alter, the female form. 

With every woman who finds her fit, CUUP is shaping a modern legacy of sensuality.

Thanks for being part of the new narrative. 



CUUP’s design philosophy is rooted in everyday reverence for every woman’s body. We are in awe of the female form and believe the act of dressing it each morning should always be far from ordinary. 

We design silhouettes that naturally shape and unabashedly celebrate a woman’s body. We curate color through an artistic lens, elevating the bra from a utilitarian basic to an expressive foundation. We dig into art history and call upon modern muses. We measure the weight a woman carries, and create collections strong enough to support her.

ICONICALLY UNLINED | Our iconically unlined silhouettes explore the sensual relationship between fit and freedom. A single, airy layer of high-performance fabric is the defining detail of a CUUP bra. 
MODERN MUSES | Our bras are inspired by the women who wear them: a modern breed of femininity that blends beauty and strength; sensuality and power. 
CURATED COLOR | Your go-to undergarments don’t have to be so ordinary. The rich colors of our core collection pair perfectly with bold, limited edition color drops. 



Where others add excess, we focus on excellence. From high-performance fabrics to innovative flexiwire, we’re engineering a new standard of sensuality: one with minimal frills & maximum support.  

MESH | Pushing the boundaries of airy lightness, without ever sacrificing support. With open knit construction and 4-way stretch, our power-mesh is the secret behind CUUP’s iconically unlined look. 
MICRO | Designed for all day support, our microfiber hugs the body and disappears under your clothing. Micro offers more coverage than Mesh, without losing that feeling of unlined freedom.  
FLEXIWIRE | Our flexible underwire moves with you, without ever pinching or poking. Most women question wire, until they feel what the right one can do. 


Working at the intersection of functional design, fashion and innovation, CUUP creates beautifully designed, expertly crafted products that break the compromise between sensuality, style, and support. 


Historically, bra companies have offered seventeen standard sizes. They blindly picked 32B as their median measurement, scaling up and down with machine algorithms that quickly lose the true arc of a woman’s body – and skew the world’s understanding of sizing.  

When we created CUUP, we didn’t simply revise this outdated sizing scale, we threw it out entirely, making our measurements on real women’s bodies. We meticulously scaled our silhouettes, making sure the women that need more support don’t have to settle for any less style. We proudly offer 53 sizes, and we're just getting started.



**If we don’t carry your size yet, we promise to get there. Our design team is carefully researching and diligently developing the next chapter of sizing – refusing to cut corners on our core promise of sensuality, style and support.  


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