CUUP Community Fitting

Finding the right bra is hard. We're here to help.

CUUP is on a mission to change the way women look & feel in their underwear. 

We design bras that accentuate the female form – and are working to change the way the world thinks about sizing. 

What to Expect: Our complimentary virtual fittings are 20 minutes long. You will be connected 1:1 with a CUUP Fit Therapist who will help get you in the right size and answer all your intimate questions about boobs, bodies and the way a bra is supposed to feel.  

What You’ll Need: A soft measuring tape and a private space. No need to take your shirt off if you prefer to stay clothed, but a little privacy always makes for a more comfortable session. 

What Sizes We Offer (So Far!): For years, women's many female forms have been squeezed into 17 sizes. We created CUUP to change that. We proudly offer 40 sizes, A to H, but that’s just the beginning. We are actively working on expanding our cup and band sizes and can’t wait to offer an expanded range. We hope you follow along!