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Style is Telsha Anderson’s business - her namesake store t.a. is quickly becoming a destination for the most well-appointed and in-the-know shoppers. But as the young entrepreneur and tastemaker tells CUUP in the latest Styling Series interview, she feels just as comfortable in her skin as the latest designs she keeps fully stoked in her Meatpacking District boutique.

I read that your mother and grandmother were huge style influences on you growing up. What lessons did they pass on that you still practice today?

The biggest lesson they both taught me was to dress to express myself in whatever true form that was. There are many different stylistic choices in the world, and I watched my Mother and Grandmother stay true to their aesthetic regardless of what was happening around them. I aim to have that same integrity towards my style and within my ideals and life choices.

As a store owner, how do you differentiate between what you buy for the store and what you buy for your closet? Or are they one and the same?

I’d be lying if I said there isn’t overlap at times. However, when I’m creating the buy, I keep my customers top of mind. There are a variety of women that walk in and out of t.a. and each season, I look to create a buy that’s representative of them.

How did you style your first look?

I wore a matching Julia Heuer set full of color over the top of the Plunge bra and Highwaist underwear in Taupe. We just started carrying Julia Heuer in-store and online for Spring/Summer 2021, and needless to say, her work is incredible. Like the bra, the set reminded me of the ‘70s, and wearing the full outfit truly felt like I was transported back in time. This is the type of outfit that makes you want to dance, and I’d hope it would make Diana Ross proud.

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As a young female entrepreneur in the fashion space, what do you hope to change about the industry?

I hope to see continuous inclusivity in the fashion industry, not only in the foreground but in the board rooms. In the past few months, I’ve enjoyed seeing Black models, photographers, designers, and businesses given the same opportunities our white counterparts are constantly given. Additionally, I’d like to see an increase in Black executives and board members. There’s something extremely comforting about knowing someone who looks like me is making the heavy hitter decisions on how I’m represented.

As someone with such a singular sense of style, how and when did you come into your own and learn to dress for your body?

The biggest thing for me in the past year and a half has been paying attention to my body and learning to love it at whatever stage it’s in currently. I took time during the pandemic to talk to my body and study what it needed to move towards a weight and, most importantly, the feeling of living confidently in my own skin. After I reached the feeling, dressing for my body was easy. When you’re comfortable in your skin, it's easier to make decisions regarding clothing and lifestyle. If I understand my body, I can understand what it needs and what it does or does not want to wear.

How did you style your second look?

I paired one of my favorite CUUP sets, the Balconette and Highwaist, both in blush, with a Beaufille top and jeans. The top is completely sheer and one of my favorite items from the Fall/Winter 2021 t.a. buy because of the fabrication. The Beaufille brand name means handsome girl, and I looked to stay true to that in my over-styling of the set with vintage jeans from Gap. My favorite thing about this look was how effortless it felt to wear and how it showed off my favorite assets.

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What are your tips for styling lingerie to be seen?

Sheer! Sheer! Sheer! The easiest way to show off lingerie is to have a layer that someone can see through. I also love showing off my lingerie with a v-neck or oversized button-up shirt.

How did you style your third look?

This look featured the Demi bra in Espresso and a pair of Rosie Assoulin pants. I first discovered Rosie Assoulin in 2015 or 2016 when Zendaya wore a two-piece from the brand to Rihanna’s Diamond Ball. I remember having the picture of Zendaya in that outfit as my iPhone screensaver for months and when I opened t.a. carrying Rosie Assoulin was a big goal for me. These pants are an ode to Zendaya, Rosie Assoulin, and my inner red carpet self. The funny thing is, I’d 300% wear these pants and this incredible bra to an extravagant outing.

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