Extended Sizing

We’re so excited to share the newest chapter of CUUP sizing: 38H, 40B-40G, 42C-42F, 44C-44E.

For over two years, our team has led an advanced product development process rooted in innovative material and performance construction methods. 

From refining our underwires to perfecting the construction of our straps and materials, each of our new sizes is a result of careful consideration & prescriptive design. We worked to create a product that delivers on your functional needs, putting you at the center of our design process so you don’t have to compromise between style and support. 

Thank you for joining us as we welcome the next chapter of CUUP sizing and continue to redefine how it feels to get dressed as a modern woman.


The Balconette
The Plunge
The Scoop
The Demi

Available in our Core color palette – Black, Taupe, Espresso, Clay, Blush & Salt – and future color launches.
14 new sizes, 53 in total: 38H, 40B-40G, 42C-42F, 44C-44E.


Instead of relying on a mathematical algorithm, we worked with real people to guide and inform our development process – that included creating a custom grading system and developing new fabric solutions. 

Our refinement process is informed by a structural and anatomical understanding of how our silhouettes feel and look on the body. We always return to our pillars of support, style, and function – and take no shortcuts to deliver a final product that we know you will love.

We needed to match the stretch, flexibility, sheer comfort, and minimal design that are intrinsic to our brand DNA.


Often 40-44 band customers only have options that look entirely different from 30-38 band bras. More boob coverage means added layers of fabric and over-engineering that, in our opinion, diverges from our brand ethos.

CUUP takes a hands-on approach to design and development. We’ve customized our patterns to respond to the ways bodies change proportionally, in order to make sure they work for every size.

We lean into every detail – like underwire, mold depth, refined strap width, wing shaping, and gauge wire size – knowing that this process of refinement is integral to understanding how our bras wear over time.

We’re appropriating these materials in entirely new, unique, and exciting ways. By getting down to the millimeter, we’ve been able to offer a solution rooted in our modern, minimal design language.


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